STUDIO: Campfire Media

Campfire Media founders made The Blair Witch Project. But if you think it was just a movie, you’d be mistaken. It was a tale that evolved in the press and online and through genre fans and dozens of other little experiences to create an experience much larger than any single film could contain. The movie was just the centerpiece in a complex series of encounters. Legends were seeded. Stories evolved. Advocacy grew. And the film became a sensation before it ever reached a single theater.

This transmedia approach to telling stories across multiple channels and media was a new way to create and manage a brand launch. Since this lofty beginning, we’ve applied these principles to generate unprecedented buzz and engagement for dozens of companies.


  • Founded by Mike Morello and Steve Coulson
  • An agency with a studio arm
  • based in New York City
  • 212.612.9600
    40 Fulton St, 21st Floor, New York, NY 10038