FUNDING: Global Virtual Studios Transmedia Accelerator

ABOUT GVS Transmedia Accelerator

GVS Transmedia Accelerator is a Hawai’i-based initiative that empowers creative entrepreneurs to launch original, future-proof, impacting franchises for wide commercial audiences.

Created in Hawai’i – made for the World

The GVS Transmedia Accelerator is bringing together a world class community of entrepreneurs, creatives, mentors, investors, innovators and technologists, all with a common trait: the ability to dream big and tell your story through Transmedia.

Global Virtual Studio (GVS) is a team of content creators based on the Big Island of Hawai’i and connected to the world. GVS is passionate about transforming original ideas into stories and bringing them to life. Utilizing the talent of the global community, GVS works to fully conceptualize and then refine dynamic characters, stories and ideas to shape uniquely stunning creations.

Founded by veteran filmmaker and entrepreneur David L. Cunningham, GVS employs an innovative model of virtual production that maximizes untapped creativity, world time-zones and economies of scale. GVS specializes in everything from transmedia franchise development and creative proof of concept to post production and marketing for a wide array of transmedia products.


  • 6 Month Intensive in Hawaii
  • $50k per company
  • Program has run for two years as of 2016