BOOK: The Producer’s Guide to Transmedia


AUTHOR(s): Nuno Bernardo

VALUE: A light weight, real-world account of transmedia production.


The Producer’s Guide to Transmedia offers advice on how to fund, develop, produce and distribute content across multiple platforms, drawing on Nuno Bernardo’s ten years experience of Transmedia storytelling and production for global audiences. This guide analyses how multiplatform can bring extra revenues and help producers connect directly to audiences and create entry points through which consumers can become immersed in content. It encompasses a series of case studies discussing ideas and concepts of how Transmedia can be key to promoting and engaging with audiences around a traditional TV show, feature film, game or consumer brand. Nuno Bernardo is an award-winning and Emmy-nominated Transmedia writer and producer, and the creator of the world’s first international interactive online teen series, Sofia’s Diary.


Most of the guidance about transmedia production have not met my expectations – they were too academic or otherwise lacking in actionable insights. Few included the perspective of a transmedia practitioner. This is what makes Nuno Bernardo’s book so unique – he has a proven track record of producing transmedia projects, and he provides “how to” recommendations that come from many years of practical experience.David H. Deans