BOOK: Storytelling Across Worlds: Transmedia for Creatives and Producers


AUTHOR(s): Tom DowdMichael NiedermanMichael FryJosef Steiff 

VALUE: A mix of academic insights with real-world transmedia producer experience.


Don’t restrict your creative property to one media channel. Make the essential leap to transmedia!

From film to television to games and beyond, Storytelling Across Worlds gives you the tools to weave a narrative universe across multiple platforms and meet the insatiable demand of today’s audience for its favorite creative property.

This, the first primer in the field for both producers and writers, teaches you how to:

* Employ film, television, games, novels, comics, and the web to build rich and immersive transmedia narratives

* Create writing and production bibles for transmedia property

* Monetize your stories across separate media channels

* Manage transmedia brands, marketing, and rights

* Work effectively with writers and producers in different areas of production

* Engage audiences with transmedia storytelling

Up-to-date examples of current transmedia and cross-media properties accompany each chapter and highlight this hot but sure-to-be enduring topic in modern media.


Storytelling Across Worlds” acknowledges that, increasingly, all media is transmedia. As part of working in television, I’ve found myself creating webisodes, podcasts, games, comic books, motion comics, short stories, fictionalized twitter feeds and web sites set within the parent shows’ fictional worlds. This book draws on contemporary examples to provide perspective on this huge, and somehow still growing, creative world. Any book would be challenged to get its arms around a topic that is defined by its unconstrained scope. This one grabs transmedia in a mighty hug and doesn’t let go. Jane Espenson, Television writer/producer: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Galactica, Once Upon A Time, Husbands